Michael O'Dwyer has been Chairman of the company since 2006. At that stage he took over the reins from founding Chairman, David Ronan (since deceased). Michael is a professional engineer with extensive experience in international technology and software companies.

Michael has been instrumental in guiding the board to continually invest in research and development and has been a key reason for our success in repeatedly being seen as a market leader across several of our markets.

As Chief Executive Officer, Neville Ronan has steered the company to sustained growth over the last eight years. He is a professional engineer with extensive high-tech experience. He successfully patented North America's first fiber optic switching system which saw deployment over the nations primary fiber backbone in the 90s. Since 2006 he has progressed Caoilte's business interests within the commercial property management industry by leading development of state of the art online management tools.

Carrie Alexander has been the company's Chief Operating officer for over 13 years and she has successfully fashioned the industry's most effective and professional teams of surveyors and drafting personnel. By insisting on direct employees only and with a strong leaning towards holders of professional degrees, she has developed a process that has direct accountability throughout all stages, as well as complete transparency to the end user.

Carol Bradbourne is the company's Director of Planning and Logistics and has spearheaded several efficiency programs within the company that streamlines our operations process. She has offset increased travel and support costs with advanced planning techniques, geared to maximize productivity and reduce downtime. This has allowed Caoilte to maintain distinct price advantages over competition.

Jacqueline Heckman is the company's Quality Manager and is responsible for ensuring our end-product meets or exceeds customer requirements. She has been instrumental in making sure that our evolving process complies fully with our quality goals and direction.

Brittany Barriera, as Director of Business Development is responsible for our sustained growth across strategic markets. She has extensive sales and market development background and is the driving force behind the Customer First program at Caoilte. She is the front face of the company with our Major Account clients and is charged with developing new and strategic markets for the Caoilte product lines.

Caoilte's management team is committed to meeting the needs of of clients in each industry and each continent we are active in. Our diverse backgrounds, driven by a strong engineering base and a technology focus, translates into a reliable, trustworthy, and committed partner. At Caoilte, you have a friend in the business!