You are not alone.


As an independent person in the erotic business, one of the first things you realize is how alone you can be, cut off from the normal support structures that people in mainstream jobs enjoy. Most people find that they cannot share with family and friends what they are doing and usually feel cut off from emotional and practical support.

This is one of the reasons that pimps and agents thrive in this industry because they feign interest and pretend to be there for you.

Caoilte provides a BFF service at no charge to our clients where we will provide counselling, business advice, etc. long after your web site is up and running.

The BFF service.


Don't try to navigate through this industry alone unless you already have significant experience in in. And don't pay agents and pimps 40% or more of your hard earned monies. Being an independent person and using the experiences and guidance of Caoilte is an intelligent and safe way of maximizing your benefits from working in this industry. Lean on us ... you new BFFs.

We help with:

  1. Counseling by phone
  2. Business mentoring and advice
  3. Social networking
  4. Coffee mornings
  5. Training & conferences